Recruiter Tips

What does a good resume or CV look like ?

Use a basic font to ensure that your Resume or CV is easy to read.
Use a clear format with proper margins, headings and bullets to highlight key information.
Customize your CV to the company and position that you are applying to.
Identify accomplishments, not just your previous roles and responsibilities.
Put the most important and relevant accomplishments first.
Ensure your contact information is up to date .
Avoid any misspellings and grammatical errors.

Before Interview

Be sure to explore our site and what makes us unique.
Follow us on Linkedin and see which connections are currently working at Firmenich to gather more insights.
Enjoy reading our social media posts to see our latest news and updates.
If your interview is in person, calculate the time needed to travel to the Firmenich interview location to ensure on time arrival.
If your interview is a video conference, test out the technology to ensure you have a good connection.
Understand who you will be interviewing with and prepare targeted questions.

During Interview

Relax and be you!
Ask questions and enjoy discovering Firmenich.
Be sure to share what inspires you and what you feel we can achieve together.
Share your latest learnings and how you have applied them to your roles.

After Interview

Reflect on the experience and continue to check our applicant portal for any new updates.
Follow up with your recruiter with any additional questions you may have.
Continue to follow Firmenich on our social channels to keep up to date on our latest news!

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