Offer : Selection Process

Offer Process

Now the truly exciting part!  You’ve met Firmenich, Firmenich has met you, and its time to make a match!  During the offer phase you will be contacted via phone by our Human Resources group to congratulate you on being the final selected candidate and begin discussing the job offer, start date, benefit details, etc. Shortly after the phone discussion you will then receive a written offer letter and may also receive a notification from our pre-employment screening company requesting you to complete additional personal information.

It’s official, welcome to Firmenich where your purpose will make a difference!

If you are not selected

Unfortunately not every match is made to happen.  At Firmenich we recognize your commitment to explore Firmenich and your time invested in the process.  It is our aim that every candidate has a positive experience and is provided feedback throughout the process.  It is our hope that you would continue to consider Firmenich for future openings.  We hope you consider remaining in our talent pool and look for new opportunities to be apart of the Firmenich family.

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