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R&D Scientist, Organic Chemistry

Location: Geneva, Switzerland



Key Responsibilities:


  • Synthesize advanced building blocks and/or new ingredients for Fragrance creations from renewable carbon sources.
  • Implement innovative chemistry methodologies, with a focus on homogenous catalysis.
  • Apply chemo-informatic and machine-learning tools to establish structure-odour relationships.
  • Follow scientific and patent literature.
  • Meet high environmental and safety standards.
  • Develop and manage a team of laboratory technicians.



We value:

  • Fluent in Egnlish, proficiency in French is a plus.
  • PhD in Chemistry with practical experiences in synthetic organic chemistry, including a strong background in homogenous catalysis. Experience in photoredox chemistry and programming (Python) is a plus.
  • At least one year of post-doctoral experience in organic chemistry or relevant working experience in a realated field.
  • Passion for chemical innovation.
  • Capacity to work independently and to efficiently convert ideas into molecules.
  • Curious, open-minded with excellent communication skills and team-player spirit.


We offer:


  • Join a highly socially and environmentally responsible company
  • Become part of a diverse and highly innovative R&D team
  • Lead organic chemistry programs within global interdisciplinary research teams.
  • Work at the forefront of biomass valorization towards producing sustainable ingredients
  • Work in continuous dialogue with colleagues in perfumery and process chemistry
  • Be involved in an R&D team working on new and innovative technologies & chemical processes


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