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Extrusion Specialist



Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Key Responsibilities: 

•    Designing and running extrusion based experiments (High moist extrusion cooking HMEC and dry extrusion) with plant proteins to create fibrillar meat analogues structures
•    Up- and downscaling from lab and pilot extrusion based fibrillar textures to showcase flavors to clients
•    Prototyping and application of self-produced HMEC extrudates for analytical and sensory screening of Flavors and Alternative Plant Proteins 
•    Lead collaborations with Extruder Manufacturers, Universities and Firmenich Material Science research team to establish and innovate extrusion processes
•    Design and statistical interpretation of sensory tests to study influence of extrusion on novel protein sources, texturants, flavor performance and texture in relation to die design

We value:

•    University degree in Food Technology and/or Process Engineering
•    Profound expertise in plant protein high moist extrusion cooking to develop fibrillar protein structures for meat analogue development
•    Established contacts with Swiss or European Universities to participate in research consortia for the development of Meat analogues with Extrusion Technologies and 
•    At least 5 years’ experience in food and flavor industry, having worked with extrusion with alternative proteins or starch based systems and flavors 
•    Excellent project management skills 
•    Degree in management or marketing to understand business fundamentals 
•    Autonomous, excellent language skills (English) paired with highly developed interpersonal skills to facilitate cross-functional communication
•    Deep understanding of computer systems for inventory management, Atlas, XLSTATs for Sensory results interpretation etc.

We offer:


•    The ability to lead the technical development of extrusion based flavorful food products in a highly creative, diverse and imaginative environment
•    Working in an incredibly competitive and inspiring industry
•    A fast-paced environment surrounded by some of the biggest talents and brands in the food, flavors, and fragrance industries.
•    Being part of an international innovation community addressing questions for the future of food