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Scientist or Senior Scientist

Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead projects to address scientific questions, ensuring timely delivery based on established priorities.
  • Design and plan experiments for a team, providing technical guidance when necessary and executing specific parts.
  • Independence on established procedures and new experimental setups; ability to propose improvements, especially regarding automation.
  • Capitalize on knowledge and experience in advanced analytical techniques to solve difficult analytical challenges in particular related to identification and quantification of volatile compounds.
  • Undertake and supervise chemical ecology experiments on arthropods in a lab, from electrophysiology to behavior.
  • Stay abreast of innovative analytical, behavioural and experimental techniques in the area of competence and evaluate their potential for the company.
  • Build strategic scientific relationships with external experts.
  • Communicate project results proactively to diverse stakeholders and document final accomplishments in reports, peer-reviewed publications and presentations.


We value:

  • PhD degree in chemical ecology, or in analytical chemistry with post-doctoral experience in chemical ecology.
  • Relevant experience in electrophysiology:  proven ability to perform single sensillum recording (SSR) on different organisms. Previous experience on applied projects or in industry R&D laboratory would be a plus.
  • Mastery of different techniques of behavioral measurement in the lab;  experience with flying insects and hematophagous arthropods would be a plus. Expertise in methods of analytical chemistry, especially regarding collection, characterization and quantification of volatile compounds.
  • Sound knowledge of advanced statistical tools for automated data processing (e.g. identification and quantification of compounds in complex samples, behavioral analysis).
  • Excellent team spirit, communication skills and networking capacity in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Fluent in English, ability to communicate in French would be a plus.


We offer:

  • Being part of a result oriented organization culture that fosters team collaboration and scientific excellence
  • The opportunity to contribute to projects with potentially great health and social benefits
  • The ability to be a part of a highly creative and imaginative team in an incredibly inspiring industry.