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Assistant Scientist - Soft Matter Physics

Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Key Responsibilities: 

•    Manage scientific projects at long and short term
•    Project management includes: bibliography, project understanding, organization and time management of the tasks.
•    Conduct scientific experiments with analytical understanding and precision. Characterize them by using appropriate experimental methods
•    Documentation of results: reports, scientific articles, patents and scientific presentations.
•    Provide support and technical advice to others. Coordination of activities across teams within a project.


We value:

•    Master degree in physical-chemistry, soft matter physics, colloidal chemistry,
•    Expertise in GC/MS analysis (qualitative and quantitative), rheology, scattering techniques: SAXS/WAXS/SANS, dynamic light scattering, microscopy, thermogravimetry, turbidity, conductimetry, tensiometry, spectroscopy (UV/Vis)
•    Creative and challenge-like spirit
•    Motivated, well organized, dynamic, team spirit and good organisational skills
•    Good knowledge of English language
•    Experience in formulation of cosmetic and fragrance-type of products is highly appreciated


We offer:

•    The ability to be a part of a highly creative, interdisciplinary team of industry-leading researchers
•    Ability to work on diverse projects in the flavor, fragrance and cosmetic application of the physics and physical chemistry
•    A well-equipped research facility.
•    An opportunity to conduct research that both tackles fundamental scientific questions and has direct business impact.
•    Excellent opportunities for career development