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Senior DevSecOps Engineer

At Firmenich people are at the heart of the company, we are committed to equal employment opportunities and value diversity in the workplace.

How would you describe the fragrance above?


How can you bring back emotions and make feelings surface? How do you convey sensations of comfort or energy through an image?


This is what we do at Scentmate. We bring a digital and personalized fragrance experience to small and medium businesses that want to grow their ideas, and want to do it fast.


About The Company


Scentmate is an incubated start-up, part of Firmenich, a world leader in the fragrance industry. And that’s what makes this challenge so much more interesting.


We’re spinning off an entirely new company with completely different ways of working: product-oriented mindset, incremental work, data-driven decisions based on customer feedback, recommendation algorithms, continuous delivery pipelines going live multiple times a day and, above all, a positive culture we’d like to continue building with your collaboration.


Location: Barcelona, ES

About The Position


We are looking for engineers who have significant experience in maintaining secure and scalable platforms, leveraging cloud technologies to do so.


The role itself is wide-ranging; one day you might be mentoring junior engineers to implement changes to infrastructure, the next you might be hosting a demo session with internal stakeholders to help align ourselves with the business (and show off the great work we do).


You will have the opportunity to work closely alongside our Engineering and Product leads, to shape the implementation of DevSecOps practices within the venture to ultimately provide a secure experience to our customers. This could be implementing SSO with Agile tooling, ensuring continuous container scanning or designing and building new architectures.


In terms of experience, we're looking for people who...

  • Have built and maintained cloud platforms described using Terraform

  • Have supported JVM / Python applications hosted in Azure App Services

  • Are interested in scaling a startup from a proof of concept to an enterprise-ready solution

  • Have experience building product roadmaps and communicating these to senior stakeholders

  • Are interested in running high quality threat modelling sessions

  • Enjoy mentoring and coaching junior team members


What About You?


You are proud of your work and particularly enjoy sharing your knowledge with both junior team members and wider Product and Engineering teams.


You thrive on building excellent relationships with people from all parts of the business to develop secure and sustainable solutions within the public cloud.


You are a rigorous learner - your natural curiosity drives you to pick up new technologies with ease and communicate these learnings to anyone who will listen.


We highly value people that are good listeners, that are willing to compromise and find common ground, and above all people that feel comfortable connecting a startup mindset to a corporate culture.


About The Culture


We care deeply about our work environment, and we’re looking for people that feel comfortable working in a diverse & inclusive environment, where feedback is appreciated, where nothing is set in stone, where everyone’s contributions are welcome to all topics and where collaboration is fostered over expecting someone to tell you what to do.


We strive for a culture that is customer obsessed, and we focus on building things that we are confident that add value to our customers, and our confidence is measured with data.


We believe in delivering the best possible product given the restrictions at hand and possible trade-offs, so we welcome people that enjoy testing everything we do, that feel comfortable working in pairs for all kinds of tasks (coding, producing documentation, interviewing our next colleague, you name it) and that are willing to talk, collaborate and compromise on solutions to our problems.


About The Office


For the foreseeable future we’ll all be working mostly remotely. Right now we usually work together at our office once a week and we honestly can’t tell whether in the future we’ll be physically there every single day or not. First of all, we want everyone to be mentally and physically safe, regardless of their physical location.


But yes, we do have an office and it’s located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona with breathtaking views of the entire city.



About The Perks


We hope you’ve found everything interesting so far, let’s see if we can make it even better :)


These are the benefits we offer:

  • Healthy balance between remote work and working at the office, because it's a brave

  • new world :)

  • Working visa support, because we don’t want anyone to worry about bureaucracy

  • 30+ days of vacation, to properly enjoy life outside work

  • Private health insurance, to have peace of mind when it matters the most

  • Flexible working hours, because we all have kids & families to care for

  • Mac Book Pro 13”, for our daily work

  • A beautiful and colourful office (have we told you about the sunset view from the kitchen yet?)


We’re Scentmate


We’re proud of what we’re building and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels free to contribute, try things out and to be very hands-on. Would you like to be part of it?


Reach out to us! We’ll be more than happy to chat :)

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